The following services are on offer at Kersbrook Equestrian Centre. Once you've had a look around, please contact us to know how we might best tailor services to suit your needs.

Riding Lessons

Nicki Stuart is an experienced an instructor who will help you to bring out the best in your horse and develop your skills and confidence. Your first work may be on the lunge line to help improve your position if necessary. Then Nicki will work with you to tailor a training program based on your goals and skill level. Incorporated in all lessons are the principles of equitation science. This humane, sustainable approach recognises horse psychology and works with the horse's natural behaviour. It successfully addresses behaviours such as separation anxiety, shying, bucking, and transportation difficulties. Here is an introduction to equitation science for you to download.

The minimum age for students is 12 and we do not cater for beginners.

If you are unable to travel with your horse, please enquire about home visits. Nicki can also help you to start your young horse or take it in for intensive education.

This online course is recommended study before commencing lessons at Kersbrook Equestrian Centre.

You’ll find the current fees here, and all new clients will need to bring these completed forms to their first lesson.


Kersbrook Equestrian Centre occasionally hosts clinics with trainers who demonstrate horse friendly training and empathy for riders of all levels. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest details.

Horse Education

Would you like your horse to have solid foundations for future success? How about the opportunity to work hands on with your horse through its foundation training? If you're about to start your young horse's education you of course want the best possible outcome, and a foundation that will ensure future success - whatever your riding interests.

When learning theory is applied to horse training the consistent results are horses that are calm and obedient. There is no confusion, and the training is error free. This logical, progressive system gives all horse owners a reliable, efficient training toolbox and will enhance your relationship with your horse.

While your horse is here for training you can attend as often as you like. The pace and length of the training placements will be sympathetic to the individual horse and your personal situation.

Other services on offer include:

Pre-purchase Horse Assessments - Re-training


If you're a rider who appreciates top class facilities and a professional, horse-centred approach, then agistment at Kersbrook Equestrian Centre offers everything you and your horse could require. Horses are kept with company in large paddocks with natural features. Our resident manager or caretaker will ensure your horse has the best daily care and your agistment includes a free 20 minute attendance/week for any concerns you may have about your horse.

Our amenities are extensive, safe, and user-friendly. Our rolling paddocks have excellent pasture, ample shelter and the safest electric fencing. The full-care agistment package includes supplementary feeding, the use of all facilities, and discounted lessons. The property also has access to riding trails through the adjacent Mt Crawford Forest.

There is tack & float storage, a warm water wash bay and a washing machine for the use of all residents.

Here are the links to our Facebook pages for the latest news and information.

Kersbrook Equestrian Centre

Keep an eye on this for notice of events, training tips and opportunities.

Tuffa Boots

Kersbrook Equestrian Centre imports these comfortable, stylish and affordable European made riding boots. Personalised fittings by appointment.

Equi-Trek South Australia

UK made Equi-Trek two horse trucks make transport safe, easy and economical. Inspections and test drives available in our demonstrator Super Sonic.

Equitation Science South Australia

Information and events with a focus on evidence-based training using equitation science principles.

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